Dread Scott

United States Artist foundation is supporting my new project Revolutionary Archive by including me in their new online community USA Projects, developed to support nationally acclaimed artists.

Revolutionary Archive is a suite of paintings that utilize and transform vintage photographs from the Paris Commune, the Russian Revolution and the Chinese Revolution. This period (1871-1976) profoundly affected the world. We need to re-examine this history and learn from the spirit and vision of the revolutionaries. I recently began working on this project and I’m seeking $8,000 so I can develop it and contribute to an ongoing international conversation in the arts and beyond. For more information, including video of me discussing the work, or to make a donation, see my page on the USA site. I have some great perks available for anyone that’s interested in supporting me in this effort. If you know people who would like this, please spread the word.

FYI United States Artists is an independent arts foundation and is not affiliated with the US government—I haven’t sold out and started singing the praises of the US empire at the behest of the State Department. USA Projects is a community where recognized artists and those that love and support them can share their latest work, discover new artists, enter into a dialog with each other, and make direct donations (all of which are tax deductible) to new projects created by each artist. So in addition to supporting me, I hope you will join this community and help it grow.

Thanks for your support.