Enduring Freedom

Enduring Freedom is s a response to the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center and the US led war against Afghanistan. Drawing on the displays of public grieving and memorials for those killed in New York, this installation presents a memorial for the thousands of Afghans killed in the war. Upon each “grave” is a torn out section of a newspaper article that gives brief but specific detail about Afghan civilians killed by US bombing. For example:

…I lost my daughter two days ago. The Americans bombed our home in Kandahar and the roof fell on her. Her name was Muzlifa. She was two. Then there was my other daughter. She died too. Her name was Farigha. She was three. There wasn’t much left of my son. When the roof hit him, he was turned to meat and all I could see were bones. His name was Sherif. He was a year and a half old…