Making Revolutionary Archive

Many people have asked where I get my the images for Revolutionary Archive and what do they look like before I make the paintings.  They also want to know more about the process I use.  Below is a virtual tour of my studio walls and a brief how-to video of how I make the xerox transfers for the paintings.

I’m an image junkie.  I look at images all the time.  For Revolutionary Archive, I have been compiling my own archive of photographs from the Paris Commune (1871), the Russian Revolution (1917-1953) and the Chinese Revolution (1929-1976). I’ve found the images in the New York Picture Collection (part of the NY Public Library), books, newspapers, Google image searches, magazines, etc.  They are fascinating in their own right, show people in the midst of historic struggles to bring about a classless world, and are the basis for my paintings.  Below is a sampling of some images, before I intervene and reinterpret them.

Paris Commune

Russian Revolution

Chinese Revolution