2-channel HD projected video, Running time 7:16, 2012 Stop is a 2-channel projected HD video installation. The videos are projected on two opposite walls. One projection features young men from East New York Brooklyn, the other, young men from Liverpool UK, each of whom have been stopped numerous times by the police. In the video each repeatedly states the number of times they have been stopped. Stop was created as part of Postcode Criminals, a collaboration between Dread Scott, Joanne Kushner and young adults form Brooklyn, NY and Liverpool, UK. In 1996 NY police chief William Bratton met with his counterpart Ray Mallon in the UK to share zero tolerance policing strategy.  The result was that youth in Liverpool and in New York were further criminalized and have been drawn into an unusual symmetry by police and governmental forces.  Postcode addresses the effects of police intervention in their lives and their communities.

Stop has been generously supported with funding and various contributions by the following: Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation, Man Up, Inc., Andre. T. Mitchel, Danny Simmons, Joann Kushner, Oliver X, Shem Dixon, Dewain Major, Dariel Cameron, Nzimah Akpan, Witt, Omar, David, Colleen Keegan, Jenny Salomon, Andrew Atkinson, Caron Atlas, Damani Baker, Man Bartlett, Sunny Bates, Bert, Rosemary Candelario, Ken Chen, Perry Chen, Barbara Crane, Clotilde Dedecker, Susan Denker, Erika deVries, Kevin Driscoll, Oasa DuVerney and Mildred Beltre, Rashin Fa, Kyle Goen, Barbara Hammer, Susan Harbage Page,, Hyperallergic, Crystal Jackson, Daniella Jaeger, Jean, Steve Lambert, Brad Lichtenstein, Henry Matthews, Megan McDermott, Tracie Morris, NOLA Street Life, Tom Otterness, Claire Pentecost, Andres Pereira, Stephanie Pereira, Peter Rachleff, Sara Reisman, Cameron Russell, Yasmin Safdie, Lawrence Saker Collins, Tamara L. Smith, Elisha Tan, Brian Tate, Paula Tavrow, Martin Thoburn, Dylan Thompson, Cristin Tierney, Georgina Turner, Channel Two, Julie Umerle, Ventiko, Mark Wainwright, and Katharina Weingartner